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Terms and conditions

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By using the Masroofi cashless system products and services, you agree to comply with and be bound by the terms and conditions:

This policy of terms and conditions (“Use Policy”) relates to your use of the “Masroofi App/Website” available at (

“Masroofi” is one of the Commercial Settlement Company, that aims to provide electronic solutions to keep pace with the digital transformation in Kuwait. Masroofi is here to regulate the sale process in canteens electronically, allowing students, guardians, and schools to manage their finances and make electronic purchases securely from the canteen. Masroofi acts as the intermediary and custodian of the funds deposited in the accounts/wallets, with no access to the funds except at the request of the parties involved in the sale and purchase process from the canteen.

This policy encompasses the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy published on the website. It governs your use of the app and the services it offers for the following account types:

Masroofi Account Types:

  1. Guardian/Parent Account
  2. School Account
  3. Canteen Account
  4. Super Admin Account

This policy applies to users of “Masroofi,” which provides electronic payment services and IT solutions to enhance service quality and diversity. It clarifies the rights and responsibilities of all Masroofi users and customers. By accessing, registering, or continuing to use the services, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and the Legal Documents immediately. Accessing any services covered by this agreement implies your implicit consent to all the terms outlined in this policy.



Masroofi: An electronic application designed to organize electronic payments and purchases in school canteens, allowing canteens to accept payments through electronic wallets. It also acts as a tracker with the use of the smartwatch or ID card worn by the child. Users can download the app, add credit to their accounts, and make purchases from the canteen or school grounds.


Masroofi’s Payments: The app provides an electronic wallet for receiving payments for purchases electronically to the canteen’s or school account. It deducts the product’s price and the available financial balance, preventing purchases exceeding the available amount.

Masroofi Wallet: An electronic wallet that holds funds across all Masroofi accounts and electronically allocates them according to purchases.s

Agreement: The terms and conditions governing the use of the Masroofi app.



Registration is a critical step. Users (guardians or students) provide personal information to open an account. Users grant Masroofi an unrestricted license to use this information for account operation and promotion. Registration steps include downloading the app from electronic stores, creating a new account with specified personal information and a secret password, and verifying the registered mobile number. Registration must match the National ID number, with accurate information. Incorrect or misleading information may result in account suspension.



Users are responsible for the information they enter, and they must maintain account confidentiality by safeguarding their passwords. Users should immediately report any unauthorized use or hacking of their accounts to Masroofi. Users are responsible for the serious and credible use of the app and liable for any losses or damages due to illegal, real, or authorized account use. Guardian accounts may be linked to multiple accounts if they have more than one child.


Use of One Email or Mobile Number:

Users can only use one email or mobile number to open one account. After that, they can add as many children as they have to be linked to their accounts. Maqsafy administration can freeze or cancel violating accounts, with the obligation to settle all transactions before closure or cancellation.


Violation of Conditions:

If users violate any conditions, any orders or transactions made by them may be canceled.


Responsibility of Canteens:

Canteens must inform school administrations of any diseases affecting them, adhere to health requirements for school canteens, provide products as listed in their store, and refrain from selling prohibited or non-compliant products.

Responsibility of Masroofi:

Masroofi is not responsible for unsatisfactory canteen performance, late delivery, unavailable merchandise, or service quality. Masroofi does not accept liability for errors or negligence, nor for any illegal activities on the platform.


Suspicious Activities:

Masroofi will report suspicious activities to relevant authorities and is not responsible for any violations.


Account Usage Clarification:

It is important to note that while both parents may access and view the application’s features, only one account can be linked to the smartwatch for transaction purposes. Any actions initiated by the non-linked account require approval from the linked account. This design ensures that financial decisions remain under the control of one parent, with the other parent’s input considered as part of the decision-making process.


Transparency and Parental Involvement

With the utmost commitment to user privacy, Masroofi provides parents with a lot of information about their child’s daily activities within the school. As per our privacy policy, parents have access to their child’s class schedules, exam dates, homework assignments, and real-time tracking information that notifies them when their child enters and exits school grounds.

Our primary aim is to empower parents with the knowledge they need to actively participate in their child’s education. Through the application, parents can easily understand their child’s daily routine, monitor academic progress, and stay informed about important school events. Additionally, parents have the capability to input crucial medical information and allergies, ensuring the safety and well-being of their child while at school.


School Management System

Masroofi doesn’t just serve parents; we also extend our support to educational institutions through a comprehensive school management system. This system is designed to simplify administrative tasks for schools, creating a more efficient and streamlined environment.

With the Masroofi school management system, schools gain access to a wide array of features, including academic calendars, exam schedules, leave request processing, and even employee attendance tracking. Our goal is to empower schools with the tools they need to manage their operations more effectively.


User Registration & Linked accounts:

User registration within the “Masroofi” application is designed to be effortless and secure. The process entails several steps to ensure data accuracy and security:


– Parents begin by downloading the application and proceeding to the sign-up process.

– During sign-up, parents provide their full name, email address, phone number, a chosen username, and a password. Passwords require confirmation for added security.

– Following the completion of this initial registration, parents receive a one-time-password (OTP) via SMS to their registered phone number. This OTP is then entered into the application for verification purposes.

– After successful OTP verification, parents access the information page, where they can write down additional personal details such as gender, date of birth, city, and an alternate emergency phone number.

– An innovative feature allows one parent to invite their spouse or the other parent to share the same account. This functionality is designed for seamless collaboration in managing their child’s school finances.

– In cases where both parents wish to participate in the application, the second parent must download the app and proceed with their registration, entering the same set of personal details.

– The second parent then receives an invitation link via email, which they must click to confirm their association with the shared account.

– To finalize their link to the shared account, the second parent reconfirms their email and password, after which they gain full access to the shared account’s capabilities.

Users are responsible for reporting any illegal use or hacking of their accounts immediately. Failure to do so releases Masroofi from responsibility.


User Contact Information:

Users can be reached via the contact information provided in this agreement.


Technical Support:

Masroofi offers technical support services for users through our help center


Resolution of Disputes:

Disputes should be resolved amicably or through competent Kuwait courts.

Receipt of Complaints:

Complaints can be submitted through the provided channels, and Masroofi reserves the right to close violating stores.


Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Mobile Number: +965 64447730

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